Engage the attention of your customers with Automated Voice Messaging


Have you ever thought about the valuable time and opportunity being lost while a customer is on hold? This is a time and opportunity that you can utilise to inform them about your brand. To this extent, automated voice messaging (AVM) can effectively be used to fill these precious gaps. Automated voice messaging is also known as push IVR (interactive voice response). This allows interaction via phone, where the receiver must press a number to either engage or opt out.


Why AVM?


We find ourselves in an automated world. This in itself offers us numerous advantages. We can now simply record a message related to your brand, and use AVM to get responses from people. There is also no person-to-person interaction, so there is no room for impolite or uninterested people. With a properly applied AVM, we can even measure certain data. AVM enables you to know how much attention the listener pays to your message. It shows you how long it takes for the listener to stay engaged and opt in or opt out.


Automated voice messaging campaigns can have a real impact on your target market. Remember, communication with the receiver is direct. This enables them to make an immediate choice that provides you with real-time feedback. So, automated voice messaging can have unique benefits to market your brand. Recording voice messages have a quick turnaround time and can easily reach any person on any device or landline. AVM is also cost-effective, you only pay for the recipients we manage to reach on your behalf. Furthermore, it is automated, so it eliminates obstacles such as illiteracy and poor English-language skills.


That is why we at CRUMB Shed will produce, setup and monitor meaningful automated voice messaging campaigns for you. The end result will be an increase in your revenue while minimizing overheads. What more do you want? Contact us today.

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