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Our Unique Website Development Process

The Craft of Website Development


Our website solutions are creative, functional and highly engaging. We bring clarity and simplicity to this complex discipline. It is also important that we keep at the forefront of key technologies and trends directing the online world. As a result, our solutions integrate with the ever-growing landscape of social networking tools. Our websites deliver an outstanding online presence and achieve proven commercial results.


As a platform-agnostic agency, CRUMB Shed will always use the most appropriate technology for every project we work on. We will also choose the correct platform to satisfy your site requirements. This will depend on a variety of factors. These will include your existing site, multilingual, multi-domain, eCommerce store, content-driven, user content, and other factors.


Our Unique Website Development Process

We have an enviable reputation for developing affordable websites that look superb, are easy to use and give great results. Do you want to know what makes our website development process unique? Well, it’s all in detail, and it starts with a customized website design.


Looks Are Everything

All our website designs are customised to match, and if possible, exceed your expectations. As a result, your website will have an instant visual appeal that reflects your brand and will be easy to navigate. This will build trust and make you stand out from the pack!


Designing for Purpose

Purposeful web design directs our user experience, technical skills, and creative solutions. Subsequently, we never stop looking for opportunities to enhance your internet presence through our website development process. Our website development team will do one thing for your business: produce high-end website development.


A User-Centred Approach


  • The first step towards effective web design is attaining a detailed architecture of your business and marketing plan. The aim is to enhance the website development process.
  • Understanding where, how, and why users will interact with your website, and what message we want to deliver, is crucial.


Be Seen or Be Left Behind


  • We will help kick start your website by making sure it’s optimised to be found by search engines.
  • Simply having a website does not guarantee that it will be seen. Your website must conform to Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. If not it will waste away on a low search result page because it will be invisible to your audience.
  • We give your website the best start in life, starting from the development process.


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