Why Can CRUMB Shed Give You The Competitive Advantage?

There are a few reasons why we stand apart from other marketing agencies. Let us look at why we can give you a competitive advantage.

We move against the tide to set trends, we do not follow trends.

At CRUMB Shed we devote ourselves to grow your brand Organically. This strategy integrates all facets of marketing and our approach constantly analyse individual consumer behaviour. Organic Search traffic is still the underlying cornerstone of digital marketing. However, most marketing agencies focus on paid advertising rather than organic advertising.


We do not believe in overwhelming clients with ineffective paid advertising

We question Google’s tendency to refrain from unveiling the exact search ratio in terms of Organic and Paid searches. At CRUMB Shed we are comfortable with the view that Organic Search traffic leads to better sales conversions. Google base their success on the accuracy of their search results. However, if the first two result pages generate inaccurate information, then Google does not fulfil its primary purpose. It must deliver an accurate answer to the internet browsers search query and we think it fails to do this. How long can Google keep up with paid advertising? How long will paid advertising give preference over accurate content without losing a large majority of their search revenue?

This is where our competitive advantage comes into play. We do not believe that paid advertising is the King of Advertising. Effective, target-based ORGANIC MARKETING can yield better results for brand awareness and conversion than paid (inorganic) marketing can.


If you cannot measure it, you most likely cannot value it.

How does CRUMB Shed improve your sales and optimise your client’s return on investment (ROI)? We simply utilise a wide range of digital networks that allows for a decent level of measurability. This measurability, together with the capacity to show results, is one of the core principles of our business. At CRUMB Shed we strongly believe in transparency. For this reason, as a client, you will never face obscurity regarding the application of your brand investment.


Keeping abreast of changing trends

CRUMB Shed is not stuck in its ways. We keep up with changing trends. Entrusting your digital marketing strategies and implementation with us will only be beneficial to your brand.

Integrating all relevant marketing platforms

Our services cover the entire scale of online marketing. Simply click here to view our wide range of services.


We embrace…

  • Deep-rooted truths.
  • Organic approaches.
  • Growing your business.
  • Making your business successful.
  • Rebranding your old brand the way it should be branded.
  • Establishing customer loyalty and trust in the quality of your brand.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Service that is custom made for your business.


THAT IS WHAT MAKES CRUMB Shed DIFFERENT. That is why we stand apart from other comprehensive multi-solution marketing agencies.

We keep it organic, with no additives. Our marketing strategy is more than a temporary unsustainable solution.

CRUMB Shed has one aim: