Marketing Services Overview

Sometimes you need to get things done, but you do not always have the time or internal resources available. Our wide range of marketing services offers clients a one-stop organic marketing experience when they indeed require help. From simple solutions to more complex projects, we provide personalised services across a wide range of typical marketing activities. Even though the activities may be typical, the experience and results will never be typical. This is because we embrace an organic approach. With this in mind, our organic approach keeps it real, it keeps it true to its nature. This makes CRUMB Shed unique in the marketing sphere. In this regard, content development is most probably our strongest driving force. We create programs and content that will help you attract and engage your audience (target market). As our starting point, we also utilise a thoughtful planning process. In addition, we also specialise in traditional sales-support content and everything in-between.


To the point

In conclusion, our higher level services include the following. We will define your target market. In addition, we will also develop value propositions, market positioning as well as messaging. We can help you plan and execute a variety of direct marketing campaigns. In addition, these will also involve email, webinars, print, video or any other medium. At CRUMB Shed we truly handle it all.


Digital Marketing Specialists

We predominantly find ourselves in this digital world! There are times that we may wish that we can escape from it all. Unfortunately, and fortunately for many others, we are stuck in this digital world. The services you see below include a mix of electronic and traditional mediums. The point is that most of them find their life at the end of a keyboard. It does not matter whether you need to get into the digital marketing arena for the first time. It also does not matter where you stand currently with regard to your digital marketing. What matters is that we can help! Whether you need to start the journey or change the course of your journey. We have the expertise and the experience to help you, and most of all, we do it organically. We specialise in particular in the following core areas of digital marketing:

  • Social media strategy and execution.
  • Website design, development and management.
  • Graphic design.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and management.
  • Marketing automation implementation and management.


Integrated Marketing Strategy and Brand development

Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Strategies



We love to be creative and in particular to provide our clients with mind-blowing results. CRUMB Shed specialises in creating professional, eye-catching designs that promote your brand and connect with your target audience.


Copywriting, Proofreading And Research

At CRUMB Shed our copywriting, proofreading and research services will ensure that you present your audience with properly written content. Proper copywriting, proofreading and research...


Specialized Search Engine Optimisation


Google’s crawler bods continuously analyse the SEO scores of websites. Websites are then ranked according to these results. This is why your website content should never reflect...


Studio and Product Photography

Why is photography at all relevant to enhance your brand? In the first place, photography will greatly assist in bringing your brand to life. Secondly, through personalized photographs you...



Social media is a powerful marketing tool at your availability to reach your consumers. Don’t have the time to manage social media marketing yourself? Not sure how it all fits together? That is why CRUMB Shed...



Our website solutions are creative, functional and highly engaging. We bring clarity and simplicity to this complex discipline. It is also important that we keep at the forefront of key...


Film, Video and Animation Marketing Content Production

The essential application of video marketing is to promote your brand, your services, and your products. Effective video marketing will captivate your audience and move them to act on...


Audio Marketing

Audio marketing is a compelling way to engage your target audience. There are a number of ways in which audio marketing can effectively be used to enhance your brand’s exposure. CRUMB Shed,